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We are focusing on energy business solutions & we know your business needs. That’s how we provide new business opportunities on the gas & electricity market and meet the prevailing regulations at the same time. We develop, implement and support IT platforms which shape the future of the energy production, storage, transport, trade & risk management.

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At the end of November the European Commission published its proposal which is known as “winter package” in the professional circles. This proposal encourages member countries of the European Union to increase the use of clean energy. The Antall József Knowledge Centre and the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies organised a discussion in Brussels which was moderated by the representative of IP Systems.

Smart Future Innovation Cluster announced a tender called Smart City Micro Solutions in the summer, which aimed at finding and highlighting the ideas and concepts heading towards new directions in the domestic field of energy innovations. The solutions submitted to the tender promised novelties and practical benefits. In the end, the jury deemed our meter reading mobile application called Mobile Meter the best.

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